Nearly 90% of all Bitcoin (BTC) addresses are in green

Have you been hodling Bitcoin (BTC) for a while now?

Then there’s a very good chance that you’ve made a profit, according to data from an analysis company. In addition, the number of addresses with a balance on them has increased enormously this year.

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Bitcoin in green

Data from Intotheblock shows that a significant proportion of all addresses containing a bit of Bitcoin Formula are profitable. It would be almost 90% of all addresses.

Of course, this high number has everything to do with the price development of the cryptocurrency. The price has been above $10,000 for 77 consecutive days. Never happened that long before!

Intotheblock is a blockchain analysis company that analyzed all of Bitcoin’s 31.94 million addresses. You can use a node to see exactly when the Bitcoin was placed on these addresses. By comparing this with the current market price, you can easily see whether the address is on profit or on loss.

89.28% on profit

Out of a total of 31.94 million Bitcoin addresses, around 89.28 percent are currently profitable, according to Intotheblock. If you look back in time, this year has been different as well. During the global stock market crash, gold and also Bitcoin in March, only 45 percent of all addresses were at a profit.

You must have had a lot of bad luck to lose with BTC’s hodling. Bitcoin is currently 3709 days old and has been cheaper than $11,450 in 3612 days. In 97.4% of the time, Bitcoin’s price was lower than today. LookIntoBitcoin has captured this in a nice graph.

New and active addresses

They also mention that no less than 11.9% of the addresses were generated this year. So we have had a good year.

The number of addresses used each day is also approaching an old record. In December 2017, this was slightly more than 1 million a day. Currently, there are around 800 thousand addresses that are used every day.

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