Former UFC champion „can’t stay away anymore“ – buy Bitcoin

American mixed martial arts fighter and former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has purchased a Bitcoin (BTC). In a tweet on May 7, he said he „can no longer be left out.

Peer pressure works
UFC fighter changes name on Twitter to promote Bitcoin halving
Alvarez credits his fellow former MMA champion and famous Bitcoin bullist, Ben Askren, with convincing him to take the step, saying

„You got me! I still have no idea what this is about, but I’m in… maybe you have to train me to do this“.

Askren is a big fan of BTC who has even changed the name of his Twitter account in honor of Bitcoin’s next halving. As Cointelegraph reported, in January he also publicly called XRP „a scam“.

„I think XRP is a scam“ according to former UFC star and Bitcoin Machine Scam, Bitcoin Future Scam, Crypto Investor Scam, Crypto Genius Scam, Cryptosoft Scam maximalist Ben Askren
The Twitter universe responds as one might imagine
The responses to Alvarez’s tweet were a mixture of welcome and sarcasm. Mike Novogratz welcomed „the local team“, Saifedean Ammous asked if Alvarez had received the copy of his book, The Bitcoin Standard, which he had sent…

And someone suggested that he could now buy drugs and nuclear weapons on the darknet, to which he replied: „Great, I can’t wait!“

The UFC partners with Chiliz to offer VIP experiences to token holders

Alvarez was also asked if he „only paid 9k for ONE BITCOIN“. He confirmed that the actual price was more like USD 9,800, but that:

„I don’t care about the value now or in the near future, it’s a long-term hold, not a cash takeover.“

The UFC recently announced a partnership with the sports tokenization platform, Chiliz, which offers fans the opportunity to trade tokens for VIP experiences.