Der COIN-Aktienhandel von Coinbase an der Nasdaq hat einen felsigen Start hingelegt

Frühe Kursbewegungen aus der Börsennotierung von Coinbase an der Nasdaq zeigen eine volatile Reaktion der Händler.

Der Handel mit der COIN-Aktie von Coinbase an der Nasdaq hat bereits nach wochenlanger Erwartung nach der direkten Notierung des US-Börsengiganten begonnen

COIN begann deutlich höher zu handeln als der von Nasdaq vor der Marktöffnung zugewiesene Referenzaktienpreis von 250 USD und stieg schnell auf rund 430 USD. Der Preis fiel jedoch innerhalb der ersten Handelsminuten stark und lag zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung bei 381 USD.

Trotzdem ist Crypto Engine um etwa 55% gestiegen, was eine Bewertung des US-amerikanischen Krypto-Börsengiganten von knapp 100 Milliarden US-Dollar ergibt.

Die Begeisterung für die COIN-Exposition zeigt sich auch bei Krypto-Händlern, die anhand der vorläufigen Volumenzahlen von Binance und FTX urteilen

Beide Krypto-Börsen bieten Benutzern Zugriff auf Coinbase-Aktien, die gegen Stablecoins gehandelt werden. Der vor dem Börsengang getokenisierte Aktienkurs für Coinbase an FTX ist zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung von 643 USD auf 410 USD gefallen.

Wie bereits von Cointelegraph berichtet, haben Marktkommentatoren bemerkt, dass die Coinbase-Notierung an der Nasdaq einen „Wendepunkt“ für den gesamten Kryptomarkt darstellt. Es ist sogar die Rede davon, dass COIN in Bezug auf die Beliebtheit innerhalb und außerhalb des Kryptowährungsraums mit Bitcoin ( BTC ) konkurrieren könnte .

In der Zwischenzeit hat sich der derzeitige zinsbullische Fortschritt im Kryptoraum für einen weiteren Tag fortgesetzt, wobei die Gesamtmarktkapitalisierung in den letzten 24 Stunden um 4% gestiegen ist.

Polkadot: Full Start Development Plan Makes New All-Time Highs

There is now a clear plan for the launch of Polkadot, but problems with the testnet are likely to cause delays.

The Polkadot Project released a detailed development plan on Monday for the highly anticipated launch of parachains and slot auctions. This would complete the start of the protocol

The development plan is divided into three main stages. The current phase is the Rococo testnet environment, in which developers can test mechanisms for communication between different polkadot parachains, the shard analog. The platform uses a mechanism called Cross-Chain Message Passing-lite, or XCMP-lite for short. This allows the parachains to send tokens and generalized messages to each other, which go via the relay chain from Polkadot, the central coordinator of the network.

The Rococo-Testnet was started in August 2020 , but the component functions are not yet fully completed. As soon as details such as dispute settlement and voting have been developed, the Polkadot Code will finally have all its functions.

But that doesn’t mean that the parachains will also be implemented. The next step is to vote on the release of parachains on Kusama, Polkadot’s „canary network“. Kusama can be viewed as a middle ground between a testnet and a mainnet that has a higher tolerance for experimentation and yet has real economic value.

Once the parachains on Kusama are stable and all audits are completed, an on-chain vote on Polkadot will be triggered to initiate Parachain auctions .

There is no indication of the exact schedules for these milestones. Polkadot representatives have not yet commented on request

Nevertheless, many people expected the rollout of the parachains in the first quarter of 2021 . There also seem to be problems with the stability of the Rococo test network. One of his parachains is stuck on block 1036 , for example . The time stamp shows: Monday, 9 p.m. UTC. A GitHub pull requesttitled „New Genesis“, which goes back to a deleted branch called „Bkchr-rococo-nuke-187“, suggests that there has been a significant stability incident on the Testnet. Alex Melikhov, the CEO of the possible Polkadot-Parachain Equilibrium, told Cointelegraph the project was „optimistic about the schedule for the Polkadot-Parachain roll-out,“ even though „recent updates to the Rococo-Testnet indicate the need for further changes point to the technology „. He also gave an outlook on the possible schedule once the Kusama launch is complete:

„Given that it would take one month to deploy Polkadot that Gavin announced at the time, we will probably start DOT auctions quite soon.“

Meanwhile, Polkadot’s DOT token has hit new all-time highs. The token rose 10 percent and hit over $ 30 on Tuesday. It rallied $ 9 early in 2021. The token is now in a battle for fourth place in market capitalization with Cardano ADA . Shortly before, he clearly left the XRP behind .

Questo indicatore di mercato dei futures Bitcoin ha raggiunto il record di 13 miliardi di dollari

Secondo i dati di Skew Analytics, il 14 gennaio l’interesse aperto aggregato nei futures Bitcoin in 12 borse principali ha superato i 13 miliardi di dollari.

Giovedì l’interesse aperto aggregato sui futures Bitcoin su 12 borse è salito oltre i 13 miliardi di dollari.
L’ECM ha rappresentato 2,4 miliardi di dollari di questa cifra, con OKEx e Binance che hanno registrato almeno 2 miliardi di dollari ciascuna.
L’aumento dell’interesse sintetico può rendere il mercato più volatile.

L’interesse aperto aggregato nei futures Bitcoin ha raggiunto un livello record giovedì 14 gennaio.

Secondo i dati di mercato di Skew Analytics, che tiene traccia di 12 borse di derivati crittografici leader, l’interesse aperto aggregato ha superato ieri i 13 miliardi di dollari.

Il mercato più grande per i Bitcoin Futures è il CME, con circa 2,4 miliardi di dollari, seguito da OKEx (2,2 miliardi di dollari), e Binance (2 miliardi di dollari). Le borse rimanenti includono Bakkt, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bybit, CoinFlex, Deribit, FTX, Huobi e Kraken.

L’interesse aperto rappresenta il numero di contratti in attesa di essere liquidati. Quindi, come suggerisce il nome, serve da guida per capire se l’interesse per il mercato è in aumento o in diminuzione. Al contrario, l’interesse aperto aggregato, che è ciò che Skew traccia, mette un valore in dollari su quei contratti in essere.

I Bitcoin futures permettono ai trader di scommettere sul prezzo futuro. I trader stipulano un contratto per acquistare o vendere BTC ad un certo prezzo in un determinato momento del futuro. Se un compratore, per esempio, pensa che il prezzo salirà pesantemente ma può bloccare un affare per acquistarlo in seguito al tasso di oggi, sarà contento.

Mentre un investitore individuale potrebbe scommettere che il prezzo di BTC salirà semplicemente comprando un po‘ di Bitcoin – o speculare sul fatto che andrà verso il basso vendendolo – i futures funzionano in modo un po‘ diverso. Tanto per cominciare, non c’è bisogno di tenere in mano la criptovaluta. Inoltre, la maggior parte dei contratti futures sono regolati in contanti, il che significa che il Bitcoin non cambia di mano – solo il suo equivalente in dollari.

Gran parte dell’aumento degli interessi aperti aggregati è attribuibile all’ECM. Un mese fa, il 15 dicembre, la cifra totale era di 7,5 miliardi di dollari in tutte le 12 borse. A quel punto, l’ECM rappresentava 1,1 miliardi di dollari, rispetto ai 2,4 miliardi di dollari di oggi. Binance e OKEx, nel frattempo, da allora, hanno stipulato contratti per altri 800 milioni di dollari.

„Avere un elevato interesse sintetico e di leva finanziaria cambia radicalmente la struttura del mercato“, ha detto a Decrypt Thomas Kuhn, un analista macro con la società di ricerca Quantum Economics. „Diventa più volatile con un maggior numero di stop-out e rende possibili nuove strategie di trading, dato che i punter sintetici per lo più al dettaglio hanno perseguito strategie di momentum lungo o breve“.

Ethereum at $ 10,000 in the long term? Why more and more analysts at ETH are bullish

More and more analysts are starting to believe that Ethereum could hit $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 in the long run .

The $ 20,000 goal was first brought into play this bull cycle by Real Vision Group’s CEO, Raoul Pal. The industry expert comments that Ethereum is following Bitcoin’s growth path, which is based on what is known as Metcalfe’s Law.

Ethereum on $ 10k, is that possible?

For Ethereum to reach $ 10,000 it would need to have a market cap of $ 1.1 trillion. Bitcoin’s current valuation is $ 640 million, while ETH’s market capitalization is around $ 120 million.

In relation to this, it would be possible for Bitcoin to reach a market capitalization of several trillion dollars and Ethereum to follow suit. Pal on this:

“But the market capitalization of ETH is growing faster than that of BTC at the same time (from the first 1 million active addresses) … Yes, ETH could well rise to $ 20,000 in this cycle … (just like BTC in the last cycle, according to market capitalization, ETH will be to be taller). BTC = ETH. Fact. Different assets, different ecosystems, same adoption, same behavioral economy = same, but different … “

So Ethereum has the potential to achieve such a high rating – mainly due to the significant increase in user activity

In the past few years, especially before 2020, there weren’t many users on Ethereum. It was the explosive growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) that drove the upward trend of the Ethereum blockchain network.

In mid-2020, the total value tied in DeFi was around $ 1 billion. That number has increased 21-fold since then and is now over $ 21 billion.

Given the rapid growth of DeFi and the steadily increasing user activity on Ethereum, analysts are becoming increasingly confident of an aggressive long-term bull case (see Buy Ethereum Guide ).

A pseudonymous Ethereum researcher and developer named „Antiprosynthesis“ writes:

“Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that $ ETH will reach $ 10k- $ 20k within the next 1-2 years. And deservedly so this time. #Ethereum has firmly established itself to become the universal value processing layer of the Internet, supported by $ ETH with a maximum demand / supply ratio. „

Prévision du prix des bitcoins : La CTB s’oriente vers une résistance de 20800 $, analyste

  • La prévision des prix de Bitcoin prévoit une stabilité dans sa fourchette actuelle.
  • Une rupture de 20 000 euros est possible avec le soutien du marché.
  • La tendance suggère que la période de volatilité est terminée.

La prévision du prix du Bitcoin par Atlas Trades montre que le prix du BTC se rapprochera de la barre des 20800 $ si la pièce casse au-dessus du modèle triangulaire. La cryptocouronne a observé un mouvement baissier le 8 décembre et est tombée vers le niveau de 18700 $.

Analyse du prix du Bitcoin sur 1 jour

Le prix BTC a été observé à 18844,96 $ au moment de la rédaction du Bitstamp. La trajectoire du prix de la cryptocouronne a brusquement chuté vers la barre des 18700 dollars juste avant midi le 8 décembre.

Le niveau de prix le plus élevé atteint par la cryptocouronne le 8 décembre était de 19301,75 $, tandis que le prix le plus bas atteint par la cryptocouronne après le mouvement de baisse était de 18619,06 $. Actuellement, la cryptocouronne se situe au-dessus de la barre des 18700 dollars.

Prévision du prix des bitcoins : La rupture et le mouvement à la hausse à 20800 $ en avant?

La cryptocouronne se négocie à l’intérieur d’un triangle depuis le début du mois de décembre. L’analyste Atlas Trades pense que le prix va rebondir sur le bas du triangle et ensuite monter jusqu’au sommet de la configuration de négociation, où la résistance de 20800 $ est marquée.

La cryptocouronne a connu une évolution ascendante ces dernières semaines, et le prix a même atteint son plus haut niveau historique au tout début du mois de décembre. La volatilité des prix a beaucoup diminué depuis que le prix est entré dans le triangle, et le prix de la BTC a augmenté au bas du triangle.

Le prix finira par tester la limite supérieure, puis se cassera au-dessus du triangle pour tester le haut de la configuration de la transaction. La résistance plate se situe à 20800 $, tandis que le niveau de soutien est confirmé à 18200 $.

Quelle est la prochaine étape pour la paire BTCUSD?

Le crypto king s’échange à l’intérieur d’un canal selon le graphique ci-dessous, et le prix devrait bientôt casser vers le haut.

Selon l’analyste, la cryptocourant s’accumule actuellement avant de pouvoir voir des mouvements majeurs vers le haut. Le marché des altcoins a connu une baisse le 8 décembre, tandis que la BTC se négocie bien au-dessus de 18 500 dollars.

La résistance la plus proche se situe au-dessus de 20000 $, et si la cryptocouronne se déplace au-dessus de ce canal, le prix dépassera la barre des 2500 $ et atteindra un nouveau record.

Que peut-on attendre de Bitcoin?

Le graphique ci-dessous montre un autre triangle qui se forme sur la période de 4h de la paire BTCUSD. L’analyste Mahtab pense qu’il y a deux voies que le roi des cryptocurrences pourrait suivre à partir de là.

La résistance supérieure était marquée à 20 400 $, tandis que le soutien était marqué à 17 400 $. Une rupture vers le haut du triangle devrait permettre aux taureaux de se déverser et le prix sautera au sommet de la configuration des échanges.

C’est l’un des deux scénarios que Bitcoin pourrait adopter. L’autre scénario montre que la cryptocarte se cassera en dessous du triangle, puis tombera vers 18 000 $ suite à un renversement de prix court avec une chute éventuelle vers le bas de la transaction. Ce prix confirmera le soutien à 17400 $ s’il devient baissier et casse vers le bas.


Coinbase Pro ends its margin trading because of the CFTC

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Red tape for Coinbase – Clearly, margin trading is Crypto Code causing problems for the Coinbase trading platform. It has just announced the termination of this service, obviously due to a new regulatory framework in the US.

No more margin trading from 25 November
Margin trading allows you to borrow a multiple (x2, x3, x50, …) of your actual contribution to create leverage. This can either increase the gains tenfold or cause the entire contribution to be lost more quickly if the trade does not go in the right direction.

Via a publication on their blog, the teams at Coinbase Pro – the version dedicated to Coinbase professionals – have just announced the imminent cessation of the margin trading service.

As a result, it will no longer be possible to open new margin transactions as of this Thursday 25 November at 23:00 (Paris time).

Clients who have taken out a loan to create a limit order will have their limit order cancelled. For positions already opened, the service will only be permanently offline in December, once all positions have expired (loans have a 25-day duration).

US regulatory history too unclear
According to Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s General Counsel (CLO), the sudden shutdown of the margin trading service was due to „new directions“ from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), one of the main financial regulators in the United States.

„We believe that clear and common sense regulation of margin lending products is necessary to protect and reassure US clients. We look forward to working closely with regulators to achieve this goal. »

Paul Grewal
Coinbase is having a hard time with the US administrations, since yesterday it was because of the IRS (the US tax authorities) that the crypto stock exchange also had to stop one of its services.

According to CoinDesk, if Coinbase stopped sending a tax form that made it easier for its US clients to declare their profits, it’s because the IRS seems to wrongly think that traders have under-declared their earnings. Another form (IRS Form 1099-MISC) will be used instead, in the hope that it will not create new problems.

Although the regulations governing cryptosurveillance have evolved (slowly), they still pose problems for companies in the cryptosphere. This is the last straw since, apart from that, everything is going very well for Coinbase, which has just revealed that it has reached the 20 billion crypto-actives under management. Otherwise, for investors who are keen on margin trading, there will always be the FTX platform to console themselves.

At Blockchain Summit Latam they analysed the basis for a new financial paradigm with DeFi

Romina Sejas, Community Manager of Buenbit, gave a talk from Argentina on „The foundations for a new financial paradigm

Within the framework of the Blockchain Summit Latam Online 2020, Romina Sejas, Community Manager of Buenbit, gave a talk from Argentina on „The foundations for a new financial paradigm“, emphasising decentralised finance, also known as DeFi.

Sejas highlighted that the Crypto Genius network is the platform where DeFi is mostly developed. However, he clarified that there are also other blockchains where DeFi is being tried to be built.

On the other hand, he commented: „With regard to those who say that the DeFi winter is coming, I believe that in reality the ecosystem is being purified and we are in a first stage of maturation“.

Thinking that in DeFi you can find several elements to manage finances in decentralized ways, Sejas also highlighted the contrast between different markets: „From LATAM we can see DeFi as a way to protect ourselves or save money. But in Spain they are looking at how to maximize returns.

He went on to say that it is important to see whether we are evaluating DeFi from a numbers perspective or whether we are evaluating the great development on a technical level. In that sense, he said that there are „brilliant developers“.  And he also highlighted that what is happening includes various fields, such as finance, micro and macro economics, programming.

He said that we are witnessing one of the most complex moments in the ecosystem and „it will be hard to digest“.

He also did not let it pass that one of the criticisms this year was the increase of gas in the Ethereum network. But he clarified: „There are already people to provide solutions about this“.

Top Banking Regulator förklarar fördelarna med Bitcoin och kryptovaluta för den amerikanska senaten

En topptillsynsmyndighet förklarar betydelsen av kryptovaluta i det nuvarande ekonomiska klimatet och i framtiden för banktjänster för den amerikanska senaten.

Som en del av hans vittnesbörd under en utfrågning som hölls av senatskommittén för bank-, bostads- och stadsfrågor, gav chefschef för kontoret för valutaövervakaren (OCC) Brian Brooks detaljer om de ansträngningar OCC gör för att säkerställa federala banksystemet fortsätter att vara en källa till styrka och lättnad för konsumenter, företag och samhällen som är undervärderade under pandemin.

Brooks lyfter fram vikten av innovationerna i kryptovaluta som har gynnat miljontals amerikanska konsumenter och företag

”Idag äger ungefär 60 miljoner amerikaner någon typ av kryptovaluta, med ett totalt marknadsvärde på nästan 430 miljarder dollar. Dessa siffror illustrerar tydligt att denna betalningsmekanism nu är fast förankrad i den finansiella mainstream.

Kryptovaluta har blivit en populär mekanism för att skicka och ta emot betalningar för varor och tjänster eftersom transaktioner bokförs i realtid och ger bekvämlighet och säkerhet. Bitcoin Revolution beskriver också kategorier av specifika valutor av värde, och ökningen av användningen av stablecoins visar konsumenternas komfort med dess användning. ”

När amerikaner fortsätter att omfamna innovation och nya sätt att få tillgång till finansiella tjänster, säger Brooks att OCC har en skyldighet att tillhandahålla regleringsriktlinjer, främja ansvarsfull innovation och stödja utvecklingen av säker, försiktig och rättvis finansiell infrastruktur.

För detta ändamål beskriver Brooks viktiga steg som OCC tog 2020 för att ge tydlig reglering inom kryptoindustrin

”Den 22 juli 2020 publicerade OCC ett tolkningsbrev som klargjorde de nationella bankernas och federala sparföreningars myndighet att tillhandahålla tjänster för kryptovalutaförvaring för kunder. Nationella och statliga banker och banker har länge tillhandahållit förvaringstjänster, inklusive fysiska föremål och elektroniska tillgångar. OCC har specifikt erkänt vikten av digitala tillgångar och bemyndigande för banker att tillhandahålla skydd för sådana tillgångar sedan 1998. ”

FTX lancia le coppie Bitcoin per i titoli top come Amazon, Apple e Tesla

Lo scambio di derivati Crypto FTX ha lanciato un nuovo modo di commerciare le azioni più popolari del mondo.

Annunciato giovedì, gli utenti dello scambio sono ora in grado di registrarsi per fare trading su oltre 12 coppie di azioni e di criptovalute attraverso l’offerta di azioni frazionate della piattaforma in quello che FTX definisce un prodotto „primo del suo genere“.

Le aggiunte significano che gli utenti possono iniziare a negoziare azioni ad alta domanda come Tesla, Apple e Amazon, rappresentate da token, contro bitcoin (BTC, +2,85%), stablecoin e altro ancora.

„Questi prodotti dimostrano un futuro potente, in cui gli asset sono digitalizzati e i trader hanno un potenziale creativo illimitato per esprimere le loro convinzioni sui mercati“, ha detto il CEO di FTX Sam Bankman-Fried.

Per facilitare la liquidità, i gettoni rappresentano una frazione di un’azione, il che significa che i trader saranno in grado di scambiare metà di un’azione alla volta se lo desiderano, ha detto Bankman-Fried a CoinDesk via Telegram.

L’offerta è condotta in collaborazione con il fornitore di soluzioni per i mercati dei capitali Digital Assets AG e la società di investimento CM Equity.

„Questi prodotti azionari frazionari riflettono la realtà che i trader di oggi sono operatori industriali e di settore e vogliono opportunità di trading che corrispondano pienamente ai loro interessi e alla loro mentalità“, ha detto l’amministratore delegato.

I trader negli Stati Uniti e nelle altre giurisdizioni ristrette di FTX non potranno negoziare i prodotti.

Inoltre, giovedì, FTX ha annunciato il rilascio di TixWix – un prodotto rivolto ai clienti al dettaglio nel mondo del trading di opzioni – in collaborazione con la piattaforma di gioco a catena di blocchi HXRO.

Nearly 90% of all Bitcoin (BTC) addresses are in green

Have you been hodling Bitcoin (BTC) for a while now?

Then there’s a very good chance that you’ve made a profit, according to data from an analysis company. In addition, the number of addresses with a balance on them has increased enormously this year.

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Bitcoin in green

Data from Intotheblock shows that a significant proportion of all addresses containing a bit of Bitcoin Formula are profitable. It would be almost 90% of all addresses.

Of course, this high number has everything to do with the price development of the cryptocurrency. The price has been above $10,000 for 77 consecutive days. Never happened that long before!

Intotheblock is a blockchain analysis company that analyzed all of Bitcoin’s 31.94 million addresses. You can use a node to see exactly when the Bitcoin was placed on these addresses. By comparing this with the current market price, you can easily see whether the address is on profit or on loss.

89.28% on profit

Out of a total of 31.94 million Bitcoin addresses, around 89.28 percent are currently profitable, according to Intotheblock. If you look back in time, this year has been different as well. During the global stock market crash, gold and also Bitcoin in March, only 45 percent of all addresses were at a profit.

You must have had a lot of bad luck to lose with BTC’s hodling. Bitcoin is currently 3709 days old and has been cheaper than $11,450 in 3612 days. In 97.4% of the time, Bitcoin’s price was lower than today. LookIntoBitcoin has captured this in a nice graph.

New and active addresses

They also mention that no less than 11.9% of the addresses were generated this year. So we have had a good year.

The number of addresses used each day is also approaching an old record. In December 2017, this was slightly more than 1 million a day. Currently, there are around 800 thousand addresses that are used every day.

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